How is a blog used effectively in a classroom?

After creating my blog, I began to think about how a blog could be used in a classroom.  As a third grade classroom teacher, I teach all subjects ranging from math and reading to science and social studies.  My school district purchased webpages for each school with personal links for each teacher.  On my webpage, my students and parents can find useful links, a weekly newsletter, and other important school policies and information.  I think my blog would be a very useful way to provide students and parents with strategies to use to help studnets improve in specific areas.  It would also be a great place to load practice for skills either past or present for parents to review with their students.  Using the blog as a board for parents and students to discuss work and walk themselves through problems woudl be a great way to build a classroom community as well.  Although the majority of my parents use my page on the school site to access the weekly newsletter, my blog is another place where that information could be stored. 

What suggestions do you have to make my blog more effective for my students and their families?


About kellycbrock

I am a third grade teacher in Georgia. I am interested in learning new and exciting ways to help meet my students needs and keep education engaging for them.
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