Partnership for 21st Century Skills

I recently spent some time exploring  This website has some great information for including 21st century technology.  This website provides resources for various audiences such as educators and parents.  As an educator, I spent time exploring the resources available to me.  I found that there were not just pointers on how to implement technology, but also what that means and why it should take place.  I feel this site is a valuable resource to anyone taking part in educating a child. 

Although the site was very helpful, there were things that I did not completely agree with.  One link discussed assessment in the 21st century.  This link said that currently most assessments require students to recall instead of having students apply what they know in a complex situation.  With rigor and depths of knowledge being such a focus, I feel most educators strive to incorporate assessment tools that include higher levels of understanding and are more rigorous. 

As an educator, I plan to refer back to this site specifically for information on exemplars.  Exemplars are a great way to differentiate math instruction among students and are something that I would like to incorporate during my needs based math center time.  This will challenge my higher achieving students and will help to improve the skills and critical thinking skills of my lower achieving students.


About kellycbrock

I am a third grade teacher in Georgia. I am interested in learning new and exciting ways to help meet my students needs and keep education engaging for them.
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1 Response to Partnership for 21st Century Skills

  1. alexandria says:

    Thanks for emphasizing the generalization that P21 make regarding current assessments. I would also disagree that today’s assessment methods are based on recall. For years, the assessment criteria explicitly outlines the importance of knowledge application and I think we have to give teachers credit for this. Of course, there are perhaps schools still working with outdated materials, teaching skills that are no longer useful. But the majority of educators surely are doing their best.

    thanks, Alexi

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