The Evolving Role of the Teacher Reflection

This course has been very helpful in developing my own technology skills as a professional teacher.  This course has exposed me to several new forms of technology that I had not previously used.  The use of blog groups has helped to provide me with ideas of ways to incorporate these new forms of technology in my classroom on a daily basis.   I already knew that a hands on approach was extremely helpful for some students, however,  I have seen that technology alone will not help to make them successful.  This technology must be used effectively to enrich their learning.  During my experiences in college, the focus was still primarily a teacher-centered classroom and activities.  This course has helped to confirm my beliefs that student-centered approaches are often more meaningful for students.  These types of lessons require students to not only master concepts, but apply them in real world situations.  Although I have been exposed to many types of technology and have applied several of them in my classroom, I feel that my learning is never done.  As a teacher I can continue to research effective blogs and contribute to them often.  I can continue to expand my knowledge through collaboration with my peers and try new forms of technology in my classroom.

This course has gotten me very interested in blogging.  Within the next two years I would like to create a classroom blog site.  I think this would be a great tool in which I could post study materials or even tutorial videos for my students on skills they are struggling with.  My blog would be very helpful for parents as well as it would expose them to the types of things their children are doing in my classroom.  I would also like to create a few lesson ideas that incorporate group wiki sites.  I feel that having students collaborate in this way would help to build a learning community and make their learning more meaningful.  I would like to start with one subject and eventually move to several subjects in a given year.


About kellycbrock

I am a third grade teacher in Georgia. I am interested in learning new and exciting ways to help meet my students needs and keep education engaging for them.
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