Social Learning

Below you will find the link to my VoiceThread

This was an interesting activity for me, because I spent a large amount of time trying to overthink it.  A VoiceThread is something completely new to me, so I felt like it should be a project for my students.  After contemplating how to use this resource in my classroom, I decided that I would like it to be used as a spring board for ideas.  Social learning, which is feel is so close to what we as educators call cooperative learning, is something that we have strongly pushed this year in our school district.  We have started utilizing math workshop format instruction on a daily basis.  This allows students to utilize and be exposed to various strategies for solving math problems and then relating this information to their peers.  Each day students lead the closing in which they explain various strategies used and answer any questions their peers might have.  My voicethread includes pictures of some of the strategies to solve a multiplication problem.  I feel this would be a great project for my students as well.  I would love to be able to take a  picture of the work they write on the board for closing, or even make a copy of math journals and add these images to our voicethread.  This would be a great resource to review with struggling students, and also a great resource at home for parents.

I feel that social learning is learning through sharing which is when meaning is truly attained.  Students must be able to master the standards we present to them, and what better way to prove this mastery than by explaining these standards to their peers? 


About kellycbrock

I am a third grade teacher in Georgia. I am interested in learning new and exciting ways to help meet my students needs and keep education engaging for them.
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2 Responses to Social Learning

  1. alexandria says:

    I really liked how you presented the different ways to multiply numbers, which addresses the differential learners in your class. In fact, I will show this to my daughter who is in the third grade. As you say, social learning is sharing and that is what we are doing with these voice threads. By looking at all the different ways each of us use the voice threads, we will gain a broadened idea on how it can be implemented in our classrooms. I am completely new to voice threads and relied on the online tutorials to teach me the basics. Since I am a social learner, I appreciate the interaction with others to expand my knowledge.


  2. Adam C. Cooper says:

    I think I may have overthought Voice Thread too. It does seem to be a very useful tool for gathering ideas. I also think you are dead on about students teaching students. My question about this, however, has always been about the shy, awkward students. What do you do with the students who simply refuse to interact? I know we cannot ignore them, and I know that we cannot refuse to use something that will work for many students because of a few. How can we make cooperative learning a valuable tool even for students who struggle to be a part of a group?

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