GAME Plan Resources

My GAME plan included a focus on varied assessments and utilizing digital tools for studnets to locate, analyze, evaluate, and use information.  These goals are things that I am continuing to work on in my classroom each day.  In order to be successful with these goals there are some resources that I will need.  The first thing that I will need is a group of fellow third grade teachers to bounce ideas off of.  I will also need some simple materials such as pencils, glue, construction paper, printer paper, access to a computer, and printer.  My grade level team has typically done multiple choice assessments.  However, we are working on creating more varied assessment tools for our students.  I will also need access to the internet for my students to perform research. 

In order to be successful with these goals, I will need our school technologist to fix my student computers so that all four of them in my classroom are functioning properly.  My students will need to have a notebook in which they do their brainstorming and research as well as the remaining steps of the writing process. 

We are already working towards more varied assessments and utilizing rubrics in our instruction.  In our upcoming multiplication unit we created a performance task for students to complete in which they will show multiplication as repeated addition, an array, equal groups, and then explain how the problem uses multiples of ten.  This varied assessment is something that will require knowledge of the multiplication strategies and application of those strategies to a multiplication problem.  I would like to create some computer based assessments for our students as well.  The only issue we have currently is that our computer lab does not have all of the computers functioning properly.  Our school technologist is working on this issue currently.


About kellycbrock

I am a third grade teacher in Georgia. I am interested in learning new and exciting ways to help meet my students needs and keep education engaging for them.
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3 Responses to GAME Plan Resources

  1. KDMac says:

    You sound like you know exactly what you have in mind and are well on your way to preparing for it. I notice you mention throughout your post that your computers are not functioning properly. Just a thought you may want to have a backup plan even when the tech person does fix the issue because you never know when another one will arise. Just the other day I was working with vocabulary templates using my projector when suddenly it just stopped. What to do? What to do? I right then thought to myself, “What am I thinking not having another means for practicing our daily word work?” It is so time consuming to think about and create for the unknown, but it is well worth it not to have to just abandon your lesson for the day.
    Also, I was curious about the assessments your team is building. What curriculum do you use for math? Does it come with assessments? Does your district allow you to make your own? Folks in my building have gone through this same issue of wanting our tests to align better with the common core standards. I would be happy to ask our 3rd grade team to share what we use.

    • kellycbrock says:

      We have some assessments provided by our school district but they are primarily the assessments for the end of each nine week grading period. We typically do create our own assessments. My district has incorporated math workshop for math so we typically create assessments using word problems so that students are comfortable using model drawing. We are also using some premade assessments from other schools aligned with common core as well.

      • KdMac says:

        You are so lucky to have the freedom to create your own assessments. My district allows ZERO difference among individuals, grade levels, and buildings across the district. It is a complete shame there is little trust in what we do.

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