Monitoring GAME Plan Progress

My GAME plan involves the incorporation of more varied assessment tools in my classroom and teaching my students how to research.  This will allow them to utilize technology resources effectively.  I have been able to find many different assessment ideas and have even pulled bits and pieces from other teachers and website. Before I can teach my students how to conduct a research activity, we have to spend some time using our school laptops so that I know they are familiar with how to use them correctly and care for them.  This will take some practice for my students to get comforable and realize that the laptops are not just a toy but are an educational tool in our classroom. 

My questions are:

Does anyone have any ideas about where to start with the research process for elementary students?  I wanted to make an anchor chart with my students including some basic research practices but wanted to gather my ideas first so that I know where I want to go with it.  Also, how did you teach students if a resource was a good source or not?


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I am a third grade teacher in Georgia. I am interested in learning new and exciting ways to help meet my students needs and keep education engaging for them.
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4 Responses to Monitoring GAME Plan Progress

  1. Christina says:

    I highly suggest using our book from the last class for a unit on researching. Reading the Web: Strategies for Internet Inquiry has great handouts to use with students on determining reliable sources (Eagleton & Dobler, 2007). I used some of them with students over the summer and I plan on incorporating more in a couple of weeks when my students start researching animals. You can access full page copies of some handouts through their website. Otherwise, e-mail Dr. Eagleton for any others that are not listed. I have some of them that she already e-mailed me if you need copies.
    Eagleton, M. B., & Dobler, E. (2007). Reading the web: Strategies for Internet inquiry. New York, NY: The Guilford Press.

    Also, are you interested in our classess Skyping? My students are studying the southeast region right now.


  2. Daneen Hanson says:


    The course I finished right before this one is a great resource for your questions. I am not sure if you have taken it yet but the book we used were “Reading the Web Strategies for Internet Inquiry” by Maya B Eagleton and Elizabeth Dobler. The other book was “Web Literacy for Educators” by Alan November. November talks about how to evaluate websites so that you and your students know if it is a valid website and a good resource for their research. He uses REAL (which would be a great anchor chart in its self) as an acronym for the evaluation. R-Read the URL, E-Examine the Content, A-Ask about the author and owner, and L-Look at the Links (November, 2008).
    Eagleton and Dobler give many resources, ideas, and handouts you can copy to help teach students how to research. Both books show you how to teach the kids how to use Google and other search engines to use effective keywords to find the information they need (which can easily be another anchor chart by itself). The information is all about using the internet for an inquiry based lesson plan which includes the research process.

    You may want to find some great sites ahead of time too and bookmark those for your students. I am still teaching my students how to do their own research but I also have bookmarked sites for ease of completing an assignment. Of course, then once they find the information they want there is the issue of teaching them not to copy (digital citizenship) the information without giving the author credit. Hope this helps.

    Eagleton, M. B., & Dobler, E. (2007). Reading the web: Strategies for Internet inquiry. New York, NY: The Guilford Press.
    November, A. (2008). Web literacy for educators. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press

  3. Christina says:

    I am just curious why we cannot see comments on your blog? Is it something with wordpress or your settings?


  4. kellycbrock says:

    Thanks for the tips. I will be pulling that book off my shelf to utilize during this unit and the ones to come. Christina- I think my account has some setting about comments. It always notifies me and I have to go in and approve comments on the blog for some reason.

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